Friday, 1 February 2013

The War On Bullshit

A miserable specimen blew himself up at the American Embassy in Turkey.
Killed himself and a security guard.

Twenty years ago, this would have been a by-line.

Twenty years ago, people would have thought, 'what a nutter, what a putz' and got on with life.

But today?

After a decade of the bullshit 'war on terror', we are all officially expected to pay attention and quake in our boots.

And this is what we are supposed to be; the willing victims, sorry, clients, of a world government consensus which exists to protect us, for our benefit of course.

We are supposed to watch and soak up the pantomime, and have *an opinion* about this nothing, so that when another load of futility is dropped on a wedding party, or another collection of paid assassins, sorry, soldiers, goes and kills people in their own country, we cheer and are cheered by the spectacle.

Well I'm sorry. When the Sky News reporter talks about the Benghazi attack and says 'America blamed Al Queda', that is a lie, and that is evidence that all this 'response' is scripted to magnify and justify the ongoing state intervention.

Because I KNOW that America blamed a YouTube video. I heard them.

So, pull the other one.
The 'war on terror' is a total crock.

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