Sunday, 17 February 2013

Lest We Forget?

Think back.
I know I did. I thought back to 2000.
I was forced to think back by watching an episode of 'Star Trek: Enterprise', on PickTV. I was taken back to those few years straddling the event.

The event being the insanity of the World Trade Center in New York City in 2001.

Since the eighties, Western Civilisation had flowed, once more set in the presumption of progress, a stream running from the bravery which led to the collapse of Communism all the way to 2001, to the future, a time which would come sooner rather than later.

This future was awaited with hope and confidence in its eventual triumph.

It was a time of great hope and expectation.

Then what the Hell? A bunch of savages administered a wound to a great Western city.
Suddenly, leaders all over the world but especially George W. Bush, admitted the bad counsel which would, rather than brush aside and crush this impertinence under the weight of our unstoppable progress, lead to our being consecrated to a sacrifice.

We were told that we would bring peace.
The wars go on.

We were told that we would build nations;
we have destroyed our own.

We were girded for a fantasy 'War On Terror', which in our names killed and killed and brought terror to millions, without once visiting justice on the strongholds of evil.

In a cold war with nothing and no-one to fear, our leaders' rank timidity only served to embolden evil everywhere.

While thousands of new technical ideas were devoted to the science of assassination, not one ounce of sense or one original idea was brought to bear on the chronic, incredible cowardice and stupidity of the war carried out in our name.

And such was is our festering dismay at the murder of Western progress, we fail to see that terror begins at home, and that we must eject every last one of the guilty parties before we can dare begin again to think of a future.

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