Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Scottish Game

In September there is going to be a referendum in Scotland.
The Scots are supposed to be voting on independence from Great Britain.

This is a huge fraud.

First of all, independence would be a sham. The Scots would be ruled by the same busybodying oafs they have today, but without national parliamentary restraint.

These politicians claim that Scotland would be 'rich in resources', by which they mean that the declining North Sea oil fields would somehow transfer to the Scottish collective, that public that never seems to own anything but that which is disposed of by, yes, politicians.

Of course, the companies that have developed the oil and gas are the owners, governments merely tax.

So I suppose that for Scottish politicians to be able to buy more favour, they would tax to the hilt the remaining investment there.

Then they claim that they want to keep the pound Sterling.
Well I'm sorry, but we've seen what happens with the Euro, and we know what your dirty little plan is.

They want independence they can have it. But not the pound, as Carney says.

As for England and Wales, they would lose tens of Labour parliamentary parasites, ensuring that no Labour government would ever sit in Whitehall again.

Which is a good thing.

So bring it on. But don't try to have it both ways. It won't wash.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Cheap Television.

There's a show on today in the USA.
With a cast of one, a poorly written script that, unlike Art, does not mirror life, and a garish set covered in red, white and blue, it will attract an audience of millions, millions who, dizzy with disappointment, will tune in to hear the little man reading the prompts reassure them that there is hope still.

These people will be tuning in to the State Of The Union address to be told that everything that they have seen and heard, everything that they have learned in the past year, isn't real.

With the faint brightness of children recovering from a crying fit, they will face the man who gains strength from their inexplicable attention, a man who needs nothing more than the knowledge that people are yet listening to validate his contempt for them.

For who else but the contemptible would tune in to watch this wretch wriggle?

The age of Man is nearly over.

This is the age of belief.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Who Runs Bartertown?

The USA is the world's superpower and has been since 1991.
Since 2001 this status has been maintained and sustained by the frightful, absurd, War On Terror, which has entered its fourth administration with a bloated, clumsy state military punching wildly into its second decade.

The enemy which arrived in the nick of time to justify bellowing belligerence for a further generation, was of course, Al Quaida, which was originally a privately funded group of mentally ill people prepared to die for death's sake.

Of course, they were then threatened with death.

This reckless decade of gross overkill and mostly unwarranted intervention via foreign adventures in 'nation building' (grotesquely killing people for their own good) has been funded by background workers who took over from the flagging US economy; when over-production of bullshit and hot air led to a rebalancing of the economy in 2008, it was found that the casual, callous exploitation of China's captive workforce by international business (which thinks production is the same as whoring without conscience), had created a new giant on the world stage.
Red China.
But the US state has clung to its comfort blanket of cozy assumptions about the World Order, and looked to China to be a fat, stupid, timid cypher which would endlessly fund the 'willing' in their botched, stupid and hypocritical crusade against gun-toting savages in far off places.
The savages themselves are amazed at the embarrassing spectacle of elephants chasing a couple of ants among the millions in the dirt.

And now, China, talking softly and carrying the big economic stick, has just made the USA lose face.
The Suez Moment of the American Empire has arrived in the form of an air zone which China cannot justify, and America dare not deny.

Now all that remains is to see whether America will lose face a little, or whether China will apply lashings of clown make up and reduce the USA to a bunch of totally defeated assholes.

Believe me, they can. They can make the vaunted might of the USA fold faster than a Soviet Republic in a drinking contest with the late Boris Yeltsin.

Kerry was squirming for his new masters over Iran this week.
Get ready to see a lot more squirming.

Who runs Bartertown?

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hey Kids! Wanna Kill People For Real?

Tired of Mortal Kombat 7 already?
Well now you can leave high school and join the elite team flying the US Drone Programme.
Within months you can go from killing pixels to killing people. Really.
But it's like gaming! And you get paid for it!

Next time you see an explosion, you know that it's for real, with instant replay to see the limbs being blasted off and the blood spilling.
But it's not a chamber of horrors, and the innocent people who die (we think only 25% of the casualties are innocent, the rest are all suspects) probably deserved it for being in the wrong place.
Their homes! Ha!
No, but honestly, there's absolutely no risk! You don't even need to go overseas. Or understand anything. Or anything.
And you absolutely will not be a murdering coward, killing people in their beds without taking any risks whatsoever. No.
You'll be a respected member of the US Armed Forces, the biggest and best Armed Forces in the world, the Armed Forces that are going places. Meeting interesting people. And killing them.
And you'll be bringing freedom to people who despise you as cowards and hate you for being murdering bullies, so you'll win every battle and lose the war.
And hey, as long as they reject our sort of freedom, we'll just tell you to kill some more.
And when you look in a mirror a few years later and see yourself, we'll provide limited medical assistance and counselling for your impending insanity.
But hey! If you make it through that, there are plenty of opportunities and subcontracts for people who say and do the right things!
And at the end of the day: you were only obeying orders.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Amusement Of Small Minds.

Once you come to the attention of the 'state' it would seem that they hang around you.
Like a millstone, a bad smell, or a starstruck kid.

The psychopathology of the actors - dare I say agents? - in the pursuit of futility, the pursuit for pursuit's sake, could keep an army of psychiatrists uselessly employed for decades.

Take my experiences. No really, listen to this.

I was surrounded by such horror at the turn of the 90's that I wanted to draw attention to myself; I actually wanted to show the world what scum lived among us as allegedly human beings, so to inform and so to protect.

In the end I protected myself; in the end I escaped.

But when I started, yet again, from zero, I found myself wondering if I had attracted any attention during my small-chip adventure. I didn't know.
But one thing followed another, and I found myself worried all the time about my friends and family.

Sure enough, the threats - real threats - appeared to invest my paranoia with a flavour of reality.
This and this alone was all it took to drive me mad.

Every so often, something nasty appears in the (forlorn) hope of keeping me that way.
And each time it does, I get a glimpse of the truth.
1999 - I badly wanted to go to North America. Sorry, said the Co-op shop assistant at the local airport, we've run out of insurance forms.
'Please wait' said a recording of my employer's voice on the phone when I rang Manchester Airport. Then the line went dead.

You get the picture? I'm beginning to.
When I got back from North America(the plane going was delayed while two people came on board to inspect my passport - just mine), within two weeks there were three police cars in the street. They arrested me under the mental health act, presumably because the plan estimated I'd be 'mad' by then.

Forward to 2013; I took another trip to Canada. Never mind the outrageously evil look I got from the little man at the airport and a few other things I noticed, not that I give a damn any more.
Last night my twitter tweets went down well with actual MP's and were favourited by the local press.
This morning my landline was busier than a Menwith Hill secret conference; when trying to ring out, I heard an American voice telling me the number was unavailable, through all the distortion.

Of course, the British now operate under a strict legal framework, as do the Americans, which is why they do each other's spying for them.

What I want to know is this: what do these demented obsessives hope to gain and/or learn?

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Play The Stinking Game. Or Else.

Ender's Game is currently showing in cinemas.
I've seen the trailers. Plenty of fake reality with 'technology' and 'explosions', while Harrison Ford looks serious.

Of course, the fate of 'Humanity' (that mewling, sucking mass of helpless flesh) is at stake; they are threatened with annihilation by 'aliens', who did a half-arsed job at the first attempt.
Surprise surprise. Only the world (US) military can save us by preparing in advance for the next incompetent annihilation visit, after which presumably the aliens will get tired of blowing us up and bugger off for another 70 years.

And what is the preparation? Take a young boy and train him and train him and train him, so that he can save us.

Human sacrifice is back, Mayan style.
Except they're not bashing kids heads in on a hill to appease the gods, they're sending them out into space where we don't have to watch, hear or see, and all we have to do is trust the generals.

Sounds to me like Starship Troopers played straight.

I could be mistaken, but this looks like yet another video nasty which has no place in civilisation save as an educational tool in the study of mass neurosis.

Game over.