Sunday, 5 July 2015

Well, fuck me.
Paradise dropped me a line.
But let's face it, if you try holding onto it too hard, you're liable to be the sort of twat who makes angels weep.
Even if they're no angels, a kick in the teeth keeps me out of their sweet lives, and rightly so if I'm liable to give them a downer.

Hey. We've all got to do whatever we need to do.
Me? I've got a war to fight. Funny sort of war. Stick to my trench. Keep maintaining course and speed. Don't bother the good, because that makes me my enemy.
Like the Untouchables, a bad guy kicks me on my ass, I put out their lights.
In the dark, anything goes.
This is a brawl running in slow motion. The more I keep going, the closer I get to winning.
When I get wounded, the nurses can patch me up.
But get this.
The nurses are the ones who are keeping me off the drugs.
Sympathy kills.
Concern pushes lies. And poison.
And if it looks like you're getting away, they'll try and take away your destination.
What's the matter guys?
Feeling desperate?

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