Saturday, 22 August 2015

There is gold.
It's called the Golden State.
This has been a week of warring, allies, friendship and recovery; arriving after an epic escape from Britain, out of the clutches of an evil machine which is actually a perfection of voluntary participation in victimisation of the few by the many, with the few being made fewer every time I ventured out.

I am free and as safe as any other citizen in this land of the free, I find myself yet pursued by the aces of bullshit, vainly and desperately trying, as ever, to intimidate me, and by implication, the entire United States.
For what purpose, god only knows.
I find it very amusing that a nation which accused me of mental illness yet displays an obsessive attempt to persecute in the vilest and most pathetic ways, despite the overwhelming power of the United states, and maintains the most absurd belief that I would ever return to the British hell hole, using juvenile subterfuges which display an insanity proving the UK has entirely lost it.

Which I already knew.
And which simply isn't interesting.

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