Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Duchess.

Kate Windsor is in the news again.
The Italians have some pictures of her in a bathing costume which shows her 'baby-bump'.

I have to say that the (non-controversial)picture used in the Telegraph to illustrate the story is very pleasant, showing a happy, relaxed, contented and healthy young woman.

Reputedly, the photographs being disputed are in the same vein; if so then I don't see how there can be any problem.

Of course, her idiot lawyer actually claims that she 'has the right to say who sees her body'.

Bullshit, of course.
She actually has the same right as the rest of the world; the right to wear clothes, and choose those clothes.

I dare say there are, among the royal parasite industry, those who think we should all avert our gazes, or expect to be blinded with red hot irons.

Let's hope there are some fresh ideas behind Kate's fresh face.

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