Sunday, 10 February 2013


Telegraph Photos
These photographs from North Korea, by a Swedish tourist, demonstrate the obscene evil of that country as it exists.

Under free, blue skies, we see the heel stamping out the human spirit wherever it threatens to surface.

Soldiers guard farmers from their own ability to associate while working in the fields. They work with medieval hand tools. While the country aspires to nuclear missiles from space, it cannot feed itself because they dare not allow even the minimum competence necessary.
Supplies for the farmers are brought down dirt tracks by women pushing bicycles against the backdrop of a village of communal homes guarded by a giant, concrete blockhouse, the keep of the oppressors.

There is an eight-lane highway with potholes and almost no traffic, being repaired by the manual labour of women. Soldiers clean roads.

Ordinary slaves in the city stare at immense statues of the diseased non-entities that brought hell into existence for the millions of their victims.
Presumably, if they fail to spend a long enough period in contemplation of the crooks, they are removed to the Korean Gulag to die with hundreds of thousands of other victims.

Spit on the cursed memory of this benighted hell-hole.

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