Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Diseases That Aren't

I don't get hurt. I get unhappy.
I don't use the word 'depressed', because although that is the accurate word, describing as it does a general lowering of human functions, it is used by trained idiots, divorced from context and meaning.

In other words, they talk about the effect (depression) as though it had no cause or reason, and this is quite honestly a load of delusional bollocks.

If my wife dies for no reason, and I am happy, even though I love her, that is mental illness.
If I am depressed, that is normal.

If the depression lasts years, that is normal.

Depression is not an illness, especially one they regard as 'validly causated' or some such rubbish; it is normal, it is a part of life, and death.

So I am depressed today. Because I sent a book to someone and it was sent back.
In fact, it was probably due to the lack of a customs declaration on the envelope(it wasn't just a book), but if it happens a second time, there will be no escaping it.

I won't be depressed tomorrow.

I may be a little, who knows? But I won't be taking pharmaceutical drugs to destroy the causal link between my value judgements and the reality of events.

I will not acquire mental illness on behalf of 'health'.

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