Friday, 11 January 2013

Give Peas A Chance.

I have remained happily remote from the particulars of Piers Morgan and his one man crusade to reconquer the USA.
However it becomes apparent from the noise being generated by the press and public in the States that Morgan is just another of these supercilious gobshites who are exported with regularity after they become deluded that their talent must be shared with a wider world so to mould it more in the image of their England.

This latter-day colonialism is a constant source of embarrassment to me when overseas, as my accent frequently marks me as one of their compatriots; imagine my horror when friendly Americans immediately start apologising for the achievements of their country in deference to my 'Englishness', that much-exploited and entirely unfounded quality which lives on only in the sentiment of foreigners.

Who exploits it? Piers Morgan. Jeremy Paxman. A few people such as wrestlers and actors who have a persona to project. The government. The Royal Family. And so on.

Exploitation. Cold blooded and as subtle as a bludgeon or a stiletto, depending on how much is opportune at any time.

What is particularly disgusting about Piers Morgan's fraud is how readily he went to accusations of stupidity, assertions of 'superior intellect'(by virtue of his clothing budget and accent) and faked outrage.

These have ever been the tools of our English oppressors when confounded by the power of reason, and have been and still are the methods used to banish the mind from seeing the truth about the pure thuggery of British rule in Britain.

When the real world sees through one of these clowns, they are on the path to truth.

Don't let sentiment stand in your way.

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