Saturday, 12 January 2013


Once again the media channels of all types have been filled with fawning, sycophantic shite as the new portrait of the Duckess Of Cambridge is presented to the world.
For those not appraised of the situation, the Duckess is a somewhat bony, hatchet-faced young lady, attractive in the sense of a mass-produced Chelsea Party Girl way, with carefully manicured eyebrows that youth cannot prevent from turning into drawn on stitches when she is ten years older, the inevitable product of starvation diets and over-preening.

But, being more generous, she looks 'nice', if a little manic, and is surely enjoying life as the future queen with an appetite for celebrity which is only matched by the now-traditional media obsessions with what she's wearing, how she looks, and whether she is producing her little arse off for the dynasty.

As reward for being used as an unbloodied human sacrifice for the remaining supporters of the establishment, she has been turned into an icon.

And what an icon.

The person in the painting is grimacing through the wizening effects of the years with lined dotage showing in her 45 year old face, thus seeking to bridge the gap by falsely imbuing her with the aged virtues of the present queen, much as North Korea might reference its founding father by including his image in icons of the current putz-in-chief.
In an attempt to turn this vacant, ordinary young woman into a touchstone of future stability, they have mutated her by about fifteen years and a species gap into a comfort blanket for the future.

Nice try.

Didn't work.

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