Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Oh, Bama.

Having watched the television news for a while this evening, I was treated to the sight of the US President perched behind a teeny little writing desk, with a background of (specially selected) 'cute' children.

Presumably this cretinous pantomime, where he high-fived the kids before sitting down and giving some pieces of paper a jolly good signing, the more to show him being a man of action, was designed to impress total bloody halfwits worldwide.

Never mind; by the already lamentably low standards of junior school show and tell, this was a real tonic for the troops.

And therein lies the truth of this piece of theatrical child abuse; it is designed to appeal only to the sing-song-leading, activism-spouting, green-credentialled youth camp leading perpetual adolescents of his caucus, and nobody else.

His contempt for the actual adults of America is roaring its message by the ritual ignorance of their existence.

This man makes me embarrassed for the entire country.

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