Sunday, 26 May 2013

The War On Self Esteem

All over the world, in schools, offices, factories in fact, everywhere, there is a war going on.
It is a guerilla war.

The guerillas are those who rebel, occasionally, in some small way, against the lead-weight of oppressive dictation, on behalf of their own self-esteem.

These rebellions are small, such as mockery of one who is in authority, the victory passing. And on top of it all, the rulers of countries, mocked by the press that put them there, in order to suborn you.

This isn't a matter of authority alone; authority, when exercised clearly, leads to the achievement of a particular vision, with all the responsibility that that entails.

No. What we have today is an evil soup, a liquification of minds and identities, which seeks to destroy people in detail by making them believe they have authored their own destruction.

So when some bastard tries to impose his authority, not with a statement, but with your conviction, with the need to have you believe that you have chosen to accept his lead because you agree, not because you have a job to do and need clear guidelines, then you will feel yourself being gradually driven out of your own mind, with your sense of self replaced by a sense of someone else's self.

The more you wonder what they are up to, the longer they do it, and the more damage they will do, which is in fact what motivates them.

You must be passive in the extreme. Argue against them, when they feign to discuss, but accept their authority.
These people cannot match their own status, which is why they seek your sanction.

I spent years doing dumb work; I was on strike. But even my status as a dumb labourer was too much for them to take. They would pursue me in every detail to the stage that they looked ridiculous and everybody could see it.
Obviously they blamed me for that and hated me even more.

We are heading for a world where self-esteem is sniffed out, persecuted and murdered in every sense and on even the pettiest of levels. This world will exist as a place for time-served boredom, where the bastards will not wish or need to make the mistake of another Soviet Union to rebel against, but rather turn our own minds into the Gulags and imprison our perished spirits in a living death.

No smoking.
No drinking.
No real food.

Keep the spirit depressed and the mind occupied.

That's how they lock us in. For our own good.

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