Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Grasping Proletariat

In a leger de main worthy of a master, and constantly repeated for a hundred years or more, the proletariat has been portrayed as those innocent, unassuming people who live happily enough, provided no disasters befall them.

It may be there are many people such as this, people who are chosen because they aren't objectionable.

But the people that the champions of the proletariat really sponsor are quite different.
Long before they lay claim to other people's property, they lay claim to their lives, all the while maintaining the illusion of innocence.

This commonality of prurient, grasping intruders is pathologically loyal to the people who feed all their various greeds, from greed for other people's personal events to greed for other people's food, drink, clothes, televisions, money and houses.
In fact, the only time the client proles overthrow their masters is when another, greedier hypocrite offers them enhanced shiny things from the world of the outsiders.

These people aren't necessarily the majority, at least not at the beginning; but as the chosen people of the hypocritical classes, pretty soon their game becomes the only game in town.
And so they set the stage for places like modern Britain, where the voters stumble from disillusion to disillusion, hoping for the 'good years' of plentiful cheap stuff, and ejecting the master race when the cash runs out.
Choice becomes a confusing competition between people who promise more of the domestic loot and people who promise the loot of other countries, the debate centring around no principle other than 'the economy', with everybody except those people who are the economy having everything to say.

But the circus that the proletariat feeds on more than any other is the diabolical circus that makes its victims into bogey men that the greedy masses can obssess about, bogey men that the actual victims are shoe-horned into, by hook or by crook, by the declining 'kingmaker' class.

And their decline is now part of the frenzy, they are being fed to the masses too, but slowly and grudgingly, lest prurience turn to outrage which the grateful rulers cannot fully control.

And wouldn't that be a shame?

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