Sunday, 18 August 2013

Welcome Back 1933

Do you think it's all right now?
Eighty years have passed.
Do you think they've forgotten by now?

All those millions who fought and died.

All those millions who were murdered.

Do you think it's safe for us to act without shame or irony or conscience, now that the heroes of that other age are mostly dead?

'Lest we forget.'

We've forgotten. We praise the actors, the bombers and killers; we praise the actions, the violence and the death.
We praise these because the stinking powers-that-be still have use for international murder.

But we forget the cause.

This week the bastards-that-be carried out a little experiment.

A judge ordered the compulsory sterilisation of a mentally impaired man, who could and has fathered children.
Apparently he has wit enough to charm a woman into his bed.

But the judge deemed it for his own good that he be surgically sterilised.

Welcome back to 1933; the Nazis are in their castles and busy sterilising the mentally deficient.

Sorry, heroes. This is Britain.
You fought and died in the War for nothing. They are coming out of hiding as your vigilance wanes.

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