Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Weather Indicators linux

I love Ubuntu Linux.
However, there are just three weather indicator options I can see; the standard weather indicator(which has been quietly dropped from the latest Ubuntu), which cannot add locations, then there's 'my-weather-indicator', which does nasty things to your mouse pointer and crashes, and finally 'stormcloud', which has been dropped also, and which actually demanded $2.99 to tell you the weather in Kuala Lumpur. And only Kuala Lumpur.

Word to the wise: if you developed this shit, why? Are you, like, only 7 years old and trying to con teacher? What the fuck are you on you useless wastes of neurons, blood and skin?

Oh, and all the shills trying to tell me on their websites you 'only' have to 'this' to get weather indicators 'working great', you're liars. Do you know what the word means?

1 comment:

  1. Found an excellent weather plugin for Firefox. Problem solved.