Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Lumpen Agility

A few years ago, I read the books on Agile, a methodology in software development.
What it boils down to is common sense, applied more or less.
A number of tools and methods is laid out, together with rules for using them, but the one golden rule is this: you should use enough of the methods that you get the job done comfortably, and only to an appropriate level.

Rigidity is frowned on, the system is flexible.

Hence 'Agile'.

Then the idiots got to hear about this new methodology, that works wonders as long as they follow the rules.

Beats thinking any day.

And so they apply the methods with evangelical zeal, enforcing as many methods as they can, and driving talent up the wall in the mystical belief that obedience breeds success.

And so the working day is turned into a living Hell for thousands of bean-counter victims.

And I avoid any situation which comes with the buzzword 'Agile'.

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