Thursday, 21 July 2011

Velcome To Englitz!

For you ze var is over!
England. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, England couldn't get enough of the world. English people went on to great success everywhere, and brought the wealth of the world back to England.
Then, in the sixties, England faced a new challenge.
The 'Brain Drain'.

The English simply weren't coming back.

So, rather than address the problem of why, the status quotient decided to address the problem of how.

And so, in a fairly secret way, that lethargy which appeases the urge to survival was harnessed and amplified a thousand-fold, by all and any means, by television, radio, the 'man in the street', the (cover up) news, the dramas.

This lie has always been most obvious under Labour governments; the very people that caused the Brain Drain in the first place.
The last incarnation of the fly-paper drivel was 'Cool Britannia'. This persists through to the Olympics next year, which is the attempt to stretch the fiction onwards for another few years.

All of this is designed to make the despairing masses believe that just enough crumbs are falling from the high table to make their continued confinement bearable for a few more years, until it is too late to do anything.

Thus England ceases to project all over the world, and instead trumpets all over the world in a vain effort to influence those who suspect there is nothing more to England than an open prison, made with walls of ignorance so thick that it takes years for people to dig their way out to freedom.

Let's face it; if you can build prisons in people's minds, then steel gates aren't needed.

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