Friday, 22 July 2011

Hell Is Coming

Ever thought about the real meaning of these new UAV's?

I mean the miniature ones, the ones the size of Humming Birds. When I was a kid, I could walk out of the door and be out of sight and out of mind for hours at a time. I could stroll along country lanes and keep away, go through fields and woods, catch Water Beetles and frogs, and enjoy the privacy of being alone and ignored in the world.

We are now headed for a world worse than George Orwell's '1984'; at least there they could run to the country and actually find a safe place for a few hours.
Now, everywhere will be accessible to some bastard with a joystick and the desire to be a voyeur, presumably working for the government because this would 'protect our rights' in some sense.

We will be under siege in homes which can be invaded by men in uniform at a moment's notice, and when we are there it will be known that we are there. Because if we were anywhere else, they could see us.
Rescue? Of course. Equip the bloody machines with heat seekers and recognition, and they will find us night or day, wherever we are, even and especially if we take to the wildernesses as our last refuge.

Time to develop measures.

Time to develop tech that fries these little monstrosities.

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