Sunday, 10 July 2011

Final Demand.

The key to Capitalism is property; if you don't want to move your farmstead, and the biggest corporation is trying to buy your land, there is nothing they can do.
They can make demands; they can park a neighbouring speaker stack to play 'please, please, pretty please' messages all night; they can offer you larger and larger amounts of money.

They can apply pressure by buying the water and power companies out from under you. They can attempt to persuade you with every step you take.
There are many forms of coercion, subornment and pressure that can be applied short of confiscation.

A man of steel can resist, and hold onto the reality of his property.

But in Britain, there is no such safety. And there are people who will apply the pressure to people with nothing, absolutely nothing, simply because their peace of mind or spirit is something detestable to these powered and moneyed vermin, something to be 'robbed', ie destroyed, simply for amusement.
They will pursue individuals for years, decades, artistically creating worlds of sadistic meaning in the undercurrents of everyday life, solely to destroy.

Knowing that their victims have no money, they will arrange for messages telling them to disclose their assets, their 'large' assets, simply to taunt.
They do it in public, in detail, in groups, to suppress all forms of dissent under the threat of being utterly wasted, all to ensure that the ruled remain ruled.

This truth is evident in the manic, grit-toothed laughter and brawling on Saturday nights in British towns, and is the destruction, to somebody's order, of all resistance.

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