Saturday, 2 July 2011

Strictly Without Prejudice

Anybody who saw the Strauss-Kahn rape victim's lawyer Kenneth Thompson making his speech yesterday won't be surprised if they have any knowledge of how the international-political caucus works.
The tendrils of individual perversion dangle from the very top of society, into conveniently located docks where any corruption can be expressed for the mere passage of money.

Various places are hot at different times; they might be a hotel, or a conveniently located nightclub. They will absorb and feed off the refugees stuck between misery and hope, the people who fall through the cracks, who are exploited ruthlessly by drug dealers, pimps, thugs and those rich, powerful life-forms who deign to be the criminal's protectors.
The mechanisms by which kids as young as 17 or 18 are suborned into the engine which feeds the corruption above are slick, well-practised and competitive; after all, illegal human flesh is a commodity.

Sometimes you can stand in their way, throw a spanner in the works, but I don't recommend doing it without friends in high - and low - places.
What I see is the international, political-ish establishment, protecting one of their own from the teeth of the US Justice Department.
I see a textbook example of the downtrodden being abused by men of 'honour' who have suddenly discovered that they are 'respectable' while the victim is not.

The land of the free, which asked the world to bring their poor, tired and downtrodden, has discovered liberal snobbery can work wonders when buying influence among the stinking corruption of world politics. It's no accident the victim's reputation was assassinated in the New York Times, giving aid and succour to the despicable for decades past.
That slag, Strauss-Kahn, deserves a fucking kicking. If he doesn't get to prison, I hope somebody, somewhere, gives it to him.

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