Sunday, 25 November 2012

International Sclerosis

Yet again the defeated policies of Charles Dickens' parlour are being dredged up from whatever ship they wrecked last time, and presented with all the fake freshness of a gonorrhea-ridden whore with a stolen bottle of Chanel Number 5 on a Friday night.
What makes this absurdity surprising, but only moderately surprising, is the fact that it appeared in the National Post of Canada.

Yes. They actually ran an editorial calling for a 'wealth tax to end poverty'. And an aircraft carrier. And a secret plot to bomb Iran.
Of course all taxes create poverty. Just look at your pay cheque and tell me you don't feel poorer. Of course this is a 'wealth tax', which means it's okay fellas, they're only going to rip off the mysterons mysterious rich people that everybody knows and hates, but nobody has met.

The aircraft carrier is supposed to make this nation of newly-minted superheroes feel 'strong' after showing their tender side by mugging Albertans rich people to incentivise them into helping the 'poor'.
Actually, the most amusing part of this is the National Post's claim that using force 'incentivises' giving, whereas it actually doesn't leave the choice to give in existence; further grotesqueness follows in the assertion that such an action renders voters reverse vampires charitable.

Only a feeling of shame must have prevented the life-form responsible from signing his name.

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