Friday, 19 October 2012

90 Degrees Of Freedom.

Ninety degrees, the Right Angle; this is the angle subtended by something which is orthogonal.
The Orthogonal is the minimum contact with a plane of existence, literally a point of contact where that point is the smallest possible common item.

Looking at the television today, something I don't do very much because there is little reason to, I turned off the BBC News channel when it started showing a little girl in a two thousand-year-old type of headscarf reading a prayer book.

I have no desire to watch the twelfth century on twenty-first century digital TV.
I moved to Sky News, and immediately ran into the stock, balding, goateed piece of foulness which is the usual face of 'football' or some other irrelevance.

Immediately I turned the damn box off. And that is how it is most nights. My television, a marvel of the electronic age, stands unused and unusable because the content streaming through the ether is orthogonal to all normalcy and humanity.

You see, there are two planes, my life and the presumption of the culture, and the two are orthogonal.

And so the government mandates our money to television, and newspapers campaign for our tax money, all because they have to force us to pay for the tangible boredom with which they assault us every minute that we are careless enough to play the game.

But we're not playing any more.

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