Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Whose Turn Is It To Feed The Idiots?

If anybody doubts the decline of civilisation, take a look at television, in particular the advertisements.
Look at what they're trying to sell and ask yourself if you still feel that their targets include you. Or will you just yawn and change channels, fretfully, in an attempt to escape the thrashings of drowning minds which gleam dully in their futile efforts to con the world out of just a few dollars more, to pay for that new interior or that new Audi tank.

With a lack of care and a manufactured passion they try to sell films which have special effects chiselled and etched better than any Leonardo cartoon, but no story and nothing of interest to recommend them except banality piled on banality; or the kids toys, still Lego, still Meccano, but preformed like the easily warped, easily bored, stunted imaginations of children who drool vacantly and receptively instead of going into the world to do things of interest.

Piled among these cancerous products are the adverts for 'services'.
Banks that pretend you will end up with more money if you spend more; lawyers who demand your trust in return for turning occasional misfortunes into some other person's extortion. But hey, you get to keep all the 'compensation', right?

More lawyers, this time telling you that if you tell a few lies, the prudent insurance you took out with the loan can be repaid to you by the bank, because you didn't lose your job, your life or your health, and now you see that the service you bought wasn't needed in the event and you demand a refund.

And the banks all the while soliciting your custom like a street-corner tart on a Saturday night, with choruses, smiles and servility by way of apologising for their receipt of tax money taken from you because they were 'too big to fail'.

Look at all these, then look at the chronic paucity of actual content on their dozens of digital TV channels.
And tell yourself that civilisation isn't screwed.

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