Sunday, 23 September 2012

I Was Not Asked.

Because they already know what the answer would be.
What is Western Civilisation?
A fraud. It isn't civilised at all. We are all regarded as Democracy-Fodder in a world in which we are encouraged to vote, sometimes even coerced into voting, as long as we never vote ourselves out.

Nobody ever asks us the one question which matters. They ask us who we want to rule.
They never ask us whether we want to be ruled at all.
And that is why all the brain-twisting theorisation about 'democracy', 'Universal Suffrage' and 'Representation' is just a smoke screen, a wall of stuff and nonsense to stand between us and the sudden realisation that we don't need a Political Class at all, ever.

Interested parties may associate voluntarily to produce a civilisation; as the benefits become clear, people may join freely and by their own choice.
They do not have the right to force others to join. Those who join may then pay for Policing; they may pay for representative legal management.
Only if, freely and voluntarily, other people attack this civilisation, do they have the right to gather force and use it, and only then to bring the attackers to justice or until such time as they can give no more.
They do not have the right to force others still to join their wars or pay for them.

Today we have a collection of monoliths governed by questionable rationality, seizing and disposing of our assets and thereby our persons, in pursuit of hypocritical pretensions which are actually killing Human Beings now.
Their enemies know that the pot is calling the kettle black.

They know that we will either have to vote ourselves out or become the mirror image of them.
And this means that our rulers have long-abandoned any principled approach to their wars, and will simply keep draining us for long enough to run away without appearing to run away, lose without appearing to lose, and achieve nothing while appearing to bring slavery to yet another country.

Their most fervent hope, that the new slaves will choose their brand of slavery over the opposition's, is futile.

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