Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ministering Hatred.

Psychiatry. The refuge of the prurient.
When people wish to do great harm in the name of helping the helpless, they turn to psychiatrists.
When hatred needs to be smuggled into a victim's life under any circumstances, and trust doesn't exist, the hater turns to psychiatry.
For a modest sum in money and influence, anybody can buy the sort of medicine it takes to lock up a victim who is already suffering and confront them with a damned reality which makes their previous travails shrink in comparison. All it takes is the right kind of lies.

Of course, to go on enduring their own disgusting personalities after overpowering all resistance to their metaphysical murderousness, they must pretend that their feelings amount to benevolence, that they acted for the victim's own good.

They shore up this delusion with a fraudulent belief in the outcome; when the victim goes on suffering, the hater will pretend to the world that good has come of the medicine, that psychiatry, with its brain-deadening potions and confinement, has changed things for the better.
While some temporary relief may be found by the victim in the soothing ride from junked consciousness to inactivity, trouble is only being deferred.

As for the psychiatrists, most of them treat the state of victimhood as a label; the victim is effectively branded 'mad' by acquiescence to the fictions of the haters, the 'no smoke without fire' reasoning being used to slander and condemn in the face of any fact.
There are decent psychiatrists, but they are crushed by the union of hater and conformist which grips the profession in a vice of obedience which is as coercive as being locked up.

As far as I'm concerned, they can all go to hell. Especially the loving haters who treat psychiatry as the emergency service which protects them from looking at their own revolting minds.

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