Saturday, 31 December 2011

Palestinians. Get With The Programme.

If I had the ear of the Palestinian rulers, I would say 'Pay attention. You are being used.
Today another Israeli airstrike killed just one man, the man they were aiming for.
This can only happen in an unopposed combat environment.
Who are your friends? Syria? Iran? They give you the means to fight using crude surface to surface rockets and light arms.
But the Israelis are not challenged when it comes to the air.
If these regimes cared at all, you would have hundreds of shoulder-launched missiles by now. But you don't.
And that is because they have no interest in Israel, except in order to generate bad publicity and act as a counterbalance, a distraction for the world from their own hideous crimes.
They are using you.
Iran and Syria are sacrificing the Palestinians like lambs, for the sake of staining the water and fogging the air.
If I were you, I would stand up for my people. I would go on strike, and refuse to allow them to be fed into a slaughter-house for the purpose of cynical propaganda manipulations.
I would instead of hate, sell the dream of peace, prosperity and trade with the Israelis.
You have nothing to lose, true. But if you dream of gaining Israel for yourselves, you will be thinking of creating a 7 million strong army of people who hate like you, fight like you and are as determined as you - against you.
The world has seen the insanity of Nazism, and united in 30 million deaths to destroy it.
Do not imagine for a minute that you would be able to repeat this. The world will never allow it.
So stop behaving like children. You have a place to live. You have a world to build.
That requires men.

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