Sunday, 4 December 2011

Call Me Paranoid.

But maintaining the supremacy of one's own character in one's own social dealings, always a difficult task, is very very difficult and emotionally expensive where 'Objectivists' are concerned.

They(as a society) cannot tolerate the existence of outsiders.

I have noticed this from 1980 on up; they are like a secret society of priestly machinators, like Jesuits in search of lapsed followers that they can return to the fold by controlling and beating down the Black Sheep.

I'm beginning to believe that they are an actual cult; not because of Ayn Rand or anything she said, but because of all the types that try to exploit her influence in order to build their little empires.

For this reason I would rather describe myself as a Rational Realist, and avoid the 'O' word altogether.

To seek to control another person is the result of bastard theories twisted from deliberate misconstruction of Ayn Rand's social models. It is something she condemned explicitly, as can be seen anywhere in her descriptions of the essential relationships in her novels.
Such 'control' as was demonstrated was influence, and then only from conviction, not psychological flummery.

And even if she didn't say it, I am.
Control is evil.

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  1. I think that the intolerance of 'outsiders' stems from an absurd presumption of ownership.(of Ayn Rand's work).
    Fact is, if you buy the book, the contract with Rand has been made, and all interlopers may go straight to hell.