Thursday, 29 December 2011

Latest Attempt.

The thing about living in Britain; any small victory, any small happiness, anything good happens to you, and they go straight to megadeath.
They aren't fussed with put-downs or raining on your parade.
The British just try to kill you stone dead the first chance they get.
For example, I went to Tesco to buy a sweater, and I found one for £8, a real beaut.
It got better.
The value of my tokens(accrued from regular shopping) was - £8!
So I got a lovely sweater for nothing.
Driving home, feeling happy(!), I was very careful, I stuck to all the speed limits, courteously and carefully.
Then the instant reaction cut in; some person in a crappy little car pulled out when I was doing 50 on the way to 60 in a 60 zone. Didn't look. Just jolly well claimed the right of way.
I was in fifth, and hoped that momentum would carry me by when I went round and overtook.
But no!
Spastic features saw me and floored it approaching a bend.
Nearly went head on into oncoming traffic.
Squeezed by.

But never forget that England is full of ruptured little fucks that try to kill you on a whim, for whatever reason their abortion of a take on life will justify.


  1. Or I could just learn to suffer less competent people with good humour.