Sunday, 6 November 2011

Your Humble Servants Resurgent.

At the turn of the century I went for an interview with Qinetic at Malvern Hill, Worcester.

They were allegedly looking for project managers; at the interview they made remarks like:
"You don't have much experience really, do you?" and "Have you ever managed a project that actually succeeded?"
Questions like that are generally useful to help scum trash your record, competence and ability in their own minds, specifically to save them from thinking about why they don't like you.

I didn't get the job.

In 2005, Qinetic and another company which I don't recall, liked my (patented) idea so much that they entered into a collaboration with OwlMed, which had sacked me shortly after I attempted to defend the rights of a co-inventor.

I wrote to the heads of both companies, explaining that as a named inventor on the patents, I was disputing the IP rights with OwlMed.

Qinetic ignored me. The other company wised up and dropped its links with OwlMed.

The head of OwlMed, Mr. G Alban Davies instructed his solicitors to write to me threatening legal action and demanding money and my silence. Demanding money with menaces anyone? Oh dear oh dear.

I would like to thank Qinetic for their honesty and integrity, and state that they are definitely not a bunch of ex-civil servants who think it a jolly good wheeze to support dubiously acquired IP portfolios in the classic manner of the 'little men', the mediocrities, that Sir Frederick Handley-Page spoke of on his death bed.
No sir.

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