Saturday, 19 November 2011

Englitz - Land Of Contrasts

Back in the 80's the joke I heard from a Canadian was this:
What's the difference between an Englishman and his photograph?
A: The photograph is developed.

The traditional rite of passage for the twenty-five year-old English child is to seek out the adults in the social environment - adults of any age - and destroy them mentally and emotionally.

They think it's possible to do this by pretending to cough, pretending to smile, and, well, just pretending.
They think the potential irritation they represent is both potent and worth the total sacrifice of their retarded mentalities, sacrifice to the cause of surrender to misery.

When they fail to impose their misery on the adults, they become unhinged, doubling and redoubling their pathetic grunting noises like subnormal Chimpanzees getting over-excited by a banana they can't reach.
And the more they try, the further away the banana gets. But they keep on trying, like the lunatic who expects a different result from repetition of the same act over and over again, or the hydrophobic who finds himself in suddenly deeper and deeper water yet refuses to swim.

The limit of their ambition is to insinuate themselves into some sort of middle position, from where they can drag the overall effort down while hiding behind an entirely imaginary eight-ball. They are particularly attracted to non-jobs or jobs which are imposed on the real producers by legal requirement, which explains why they are tolerated and appear, quite incredibly, to prosper personally, while the real workers of the world, from the floor sweepers to the research directors are obliged to count pennies and use coupons and discount stores.

In this aim they are supported by armies of political non-entities mired in servitude to the principal belief that objectivity means getting absolute right and absolute wrong to meet in the middle of a committee or a football field and cease to be identifiable.
This foggy environment is one they need to (dis)function, and their apparent prosperity only serves to validate their cowardice and help them simulate the appearance of good sense, by which their lying can be proclaimed as wisdom, and their hatred as concern for well being.

Of course, when this culture meets the rest of the world, a barrage of bigotry is required to bolster their shaken illusions. They don't actually have any self-confidence capable of withstanding challenge, which is why they are so aggressive toward contrasts.

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