Saturday, 5 November 2011

Winters Past

Back in 1985 I was the site labourer on a construction project at the NatWest Bank credit card centre in East London.
One day I showed up when the snows came.
Snow was a rare event in London in those days, and nobody else appeared; no supervisor, no Roger(the geezer that oiled all the essential wheels), just me.

Apparently Londoners thought a bit of snow meant the day off.

The building work was on the roof.
I went up, and the snow was white and as absorbent as a soundproof wall; I stood and listened to the silence and more snow fell.

When I got cold I went into a room we used for storage. The fifties-vintage central heating pumped heat into the oversize radiator in this little room day and night, and it was positively steamy.

Eventually lunch came around and they rang and told me to go home. But I remember the bankers. They were friendly, sympathetic and enthusiastic. Nice people.

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