Monday, 17 October 2011

What Is Your Problem?

As the occupation begins and the Union of Streamlined Soviet Republics rises across the world, ushered in by hundreds of once-human turkeys gobbling messages in rippling unison, I have to tell you it ain't so.

Here I go.

I remember the 80's, because I was there, in the crucible, in the City Of London, a witness to the trading revolution.
I remember mourning the passing of the Port Of London under the jackboot heel of generic office developers; at a time when more and more 'trade' was being done, nothing actually went anywhere, because there wasn't anything being produced that could actually be sent anywhere.

All around, the cheerleaders for this movement were shouting to the wind that this was 'Capitalism'.

It wasn't.
It was a generation of young people entering the world of banking and thinking, due to the cultural influences of the 60's, the State Corporatists, the BBC, and any number of jabbering heads, that if governments applying force equations to people was wrong, it would be somehow right to do this privately, under the guise of market forces.

The problem isn't that Capitalism was released.
The problem is that the markets were used as a more perfect application of Democracy.

And Democracy is what is being applied ever more forcefully by state and business alike, every drunken lurch like the fluid sloshing around the flooded bilge of a foundering world.

It's not Capitalism which the problem. It is Democracy. Without limits. Without property. Without rights.

And like the lunatics currently trying to use increased credit to reflate the burst balloon of credit debt, the 'Occupy' movement is trying to reflate the Democratic bubble with a drunken binge of mob demands, all the while claiming that their malice is actually concern for justice.

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