Sunday, 11 September 2011

Freedom Of Talk

Talk is cheap, but no talk is cheaper than Libertarian talk.
They have had official parties in most countries of the West for more than two generations, but still fail consistently to define a platform or launch candidacies which make any impression.

Apart from as amusing sociological curios.

This is because they don't sincerely want to achieve anything.
They want to exist in a permanent state of parent's basement rebellion, lacking the maturity or moral conviction that would carry an electorate.
It isn't that they haven't had backing or opportunity; they've taken plenty and produced nothing, absolutely nothing in return, like any puerile, self-centred child.

The problem is that they can't answer a simple question without degenerating, dissembling and disintegration into hundreds more questions, like an obsessive-compulsive drug addict being interrogated by 'the Man'.

They are utterly, utterly and deeply useless.

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