Sunday, 4 September 2011

What In Christendom?

The Catholic church is being led over a precipice by leaders who, while claiming to be inspired divinely, actually pay little attention to their bible and owe the majority of their meaning to more, ah, 'earthly' influences such as Karl Marx.

The famed sayings of Jesus are being perverted on a daily and weekly basis to things which were most definitely neither said nor implied by the man.

And don't let them claim that he was infallible, in any case, as the Passion shows, he was fallible, as was his first pope, Peter.

Today Catholicism is a poisonous brew of charity and guilt which tries to extinguish the very flames of compassion it is claiming to represent, with various priestly types claiming that Jesus' views over the repentance of the sinner are not the truth, as there is no such thing as a 'part time Christian'.
The Church spits in the face of Gods own nature by refusing to represent the essential individuality of each Christian, and only trying to foster collectivism and tribalism via the use of collective nouns and references in all prayers, being consistent only in the attempt to hang onto the coat tails of Marxism and various other collective-isms, turning charity from a virtue into a duty, and slowly crushing all life from its practitioners, fostering ungodliness in the name of God, while claiming an infallibility that the Bible never claimed nor demonstrated.

The Roman Church needs reformation. If it is ever to remain as any kind of cultural influence to be taken seriously or at all in a world of fundamentalist lurches, this needs to be addressed.

And this must not be window dressing; this needs the sponsorship of original thought in all of its seminaries, and the attempt to recognise the humanity of and in Gods nature.

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