Monday, 17 October 2011

Society? Does It Matter?

Having sat in an office all day where backbiting is on the rise, I am returned once again to the realisation that the average Englishman is little different to a flea or a worm.

After a year with 'decent blokes', I now find incursions from the sort of scum which is more typical of any other organisation in this lousy country.

Item- the coughing, choking and snivelling of just four incomers sitting in the cubicle adjacent to software is turning the office day into a marathon in Hell for everybody else.
They start their antics early and continue all day.
They wear shirts, ties and are clean-shaven to make themselves 'above reproach'; they sit and watch everybody else as a team and put in the needle with the chronic enthusiasm of the schizophrenic who believes that outcomes will change if he just keeps 'asserting' all day.

They do anything except what they are paid for, which is work.

Their leader started on me, as his favourite meal for the week, as soon as I arrived this morning, so I told him quietly to 'fuck off'.

Obviously they all found this fascinating and devoted their working day to generating repetition.

I did not oblige. I have expressed myself. I just got on with my job. Very well actually.

But this sort of trash infests every waking moment that they can get near me. In the street, at work, at the doctors, at the supermarket. This is apparently what it means to be British.
But they don't get me at home. I've got that sorted. If they can't see or hear you, they can't attack you, not even on spec.
I have no neighbours.

And with subhuman bags of crap like that, who would want them?

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  1. Let's try this again.
    They have severe colds.
    They have given them to each other.
    And me.