Thursday, 2 December 2010

Old School.

As anybody who read the old 'Society Matters' back in the heady days of 2002 will recall, we didn't always choose the strident message, the politically charged tenet; au contraire, good news was spread about.
As of a couple of weeks ago, I am living in Gloucestershire, in a big, comfortable house, working for an excellent British Engineering company not unconnected to Rolls-Royce.

I am doing software( which was the plan), and, as DEVO said, I have 'twisted away those gates of steel' to the point where I am now performing a function I was born for.
One of them.
And so, although my heating in this ambition of a house is insufficient to the -6C cold snap we are experiencing, the hiss of the trains going by on the nearby railway line and the Digestive warmth of my biscuits and coffee are more than enough to produce a feeling of enormous well-being as another week closes; tomorrow my White Goods arrive and the TV gets connected.
Tomorrow the White Goods; today the World.

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