Sunday, 2 January 2011

Or...Old School.

Friend of mine just launched a blistering attack on the 'heirs' of Ayn Rand.
Of course, as reported here five years ago, the copies of 'Atlas Shrugged' without revisionist introductions were selling at a premium to those more recently produced.

My guess is that they are no longer available, and the age when Ayn Rand held sway over her own work is passing, to be replaced by the mean-scaled repute of people who lack the self-respect required to reject any inherited credit for works with which they had nothing to do.

If I was Ayn's 'intellectual heir', I would have shut my damn mouth and allowed the work to speak for itself.

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  1. Then again, maybe it's none of my damned business. I never even knew the lady.
    Love her work though.