Monday, 29 November 2010

Global Farce.

Global Warming.
Either it is real, or it is rubbish.

I think it is rubbish.
It's very simple.

According to Warmist alarmists, the present cold snap could just presage the collapse of the Ocean Conveyor, leading to Arctic conditions most of the year and a total removal of oceanic food supplies.

This being true (which it isn't) I would have initiated a massive crash programme of Nuclear Power construction, at least twenty new power stations which would provide clean, competitive energy that we need in the new darkness.

We haven't had that.
What we've had is nothing but bullshit, whereby mendacious politicians and their cohorts have engineered onerous regimes with which to browbeat and push around the population while doing nothing whatsoever to address any avowed problems that we may be facing.

They are liars, crooks and cheats who are only interested in funding a few more Dorset retirements for themselves and their friends.

To hell with them all.

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