Friday, 25 June 2010

This is the Real BBC

The BBC has a long-term strategy.
That strategy has moved, in the past ten years, from surviving and feathering its nest, to promoting the continuing imposition of socialism on the world in general and Britain in particular.

The BBC uses its legacy standing in the world to steal legitimacy from foreign audiences and bolster its reputation at home, while stealing illegitimate propaganda from domestic sources to give the seal of approval to when talking to those foreign audiences.

Meanwhile, in the most unsubtle and embarrassing way, it is milking the presumed British tolerance of the idiosyncrasies of a 'national treasure', ie the BBC, to create the illusion of radical truthfulness when in fact it is preparing the way for the return of the experiment in five years or less.

With breath-taking cynicism, it promotes the Labour view on any issue at every opportunity, and usually in any case, opportune or not; it engages in pantomime-by-facial-expression, whereby its news teams show more expressive mobility to underline their opinions of facts than Marcel Marceau.
These facts are themselves trimmed and carefully selected, in a blatantly off-balance way, always led by BBC value judgments, and always supported by entirely partial alleged expert witnesses who are in fact the exiled cohorts of the previous regime, the regime which they are so careful to drop from any context which is unfavourable.

As far as the BBC is concerned, history started in May 2010, and they don't like it.

Quite whether they will again persuade enough fools to dislike the present and vote for the same old, same old, change, remains to be seen.

I say, scrap the license fee.

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