Sunday, 20 June 2010

Studies In Insolence

By looking 'over the side' occasionally, I can see the context in which I am attempting to operate.

When the movers and shakers of society comprise people with no guiding principle at all, except to hang on, we get the unedifying site of modern social de-evolution.

The governments of the West have no policies, only the wish to remain in their game for the rest of their miserable lives.

And ours.

They cannot formulate an effective response to Islam, which is the same now as it was a hundred and fifty years ago, because the only thing this infestation of politicians is capable of doing is imitating the apparent successes of past actors, invoking these supernatural totems against the fear, but not wishing to face up to identifying the threat that causes it.

This is because to do that, they would inevitable have to identify themselves and their ambitions, which is something they are not mentally equipped to do.

From their first years of 'life', they have inducted themselves into the sheltering influences of whatever they perceive to be dominant, without any thought as to what it is, only that it represents safety from having to stick out their scrawny necks.

So today, when all that comforting fog has evaporated due to the violence of a few desperate, suicidal men, they are utterly unable to act.

Oh yes. They can commit our armies to violence, plus apologies, because violence tends to be absolute.
They make our response conditional on rules, humanitarian aid, ineffectiveness and a total lack of any desire to win a war.

They don't want to call it a war.
Compared to the last ten years, the eighties, that age of excess and explosive liberty, was a prime example of disciplined debate and decision-making, up until the end when in denial of identity, the ruling coalition of soft tories and republicrats ran as fast as they could from identifying the nature of the death of the beast that had been dying so fast up until then.

Because they saw in our freedom, the end of their games.
When they talk of 'society itself being threatened' they mean that there is a cold wind gathering that might blow the dead wood out of their Home Counties gardens and make it necessary for them to come out from behind the Eight Ball.

Well, I've got news for them.

Society is well and truly broken, and the only thing left for them soon will be to shelter behind each other and be the last to be first, like the people with the stones in the Islamic crowds murdering alleged moral law-breakers in the darkening corners of the world.

Which is why they have such sympathy for the murdering bastards.

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