Sunday, 1 December 2013

Who Runs Bartertown?

The USA is the world's superpower and has been since 1991.
Since 2001 this status has been maintained and sustained by the frightful, absurd, War On Terror, which has entered its fourth administration with a bloated, clumsy state military punching wildly into its second decade.

The enemy which arrived in the nick of time to justify bellowing belligerence for a further generation, was of course, Al Quaida, which was originally a privately funded group of mentally ill people prepared to die for death's sake.

Of course, they were then threatened with death.

This reckless decade of gross overkill and mostly unwarranted intervention via foreign adventures in 'nation building' (grotesquely killing people for their own good) has been funded by background workers who took over from the flagging US economy; when over-production of bullshit and hot air led to a rebalancing of the economy in 2008, it was found that the casual, callous exploitation of China's captive workforce by international business (which thinks production is the same as whoring without conscience), had created a new giant on the world stage.
Red China.
But the US state has clung to its comfort blanket of cozy assumptions about the World Order, and looked to China to be a fat, stupid, timid cypher which would endlessly fund the 'willing' in their botched, stupid and hypocritical crusade against gun-toting savages in far off places.
The savages themselves are amazed at the embarrassing spectacle of elephants chasing a couple of ants among the millions in the dirt.

And now, China, talking softly and carrying the big economic stick, has just made the USA lose face.
The Suez Moment of the American Empire has arrived in the form of an air zone which China cannot justify, and America dare not deny.

Now all that remains is to see whether America will lose face a little, or whether China will apply lashings of clown make up and reduce the USA to a bunch of totally defeated assholes.

Believe me, they can. They can make the vaunted might of the USA fold faster than a Soviet Republic in a drinking contest with the late Boris Yeltsin.

Kerry was squirming for his new masters over Iran this week.
Get ready to see a lot more squirming.

Who runs Bartertown?

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