Thursday, 31 October 2013

Play The Stinking Game. Or Else.

Ender's Game is currently showing in cinemas.
I've seen the trailers. Plenty of fake reality with 'technology' and 'explosions', while Harrison Ford looks serious.

Of course, the fate of 'Humanity' (that mewling, sucking mass of helpless flesh) is at stake; they are threatened with annihilation by 'aliens', who did a half-arsed job at the first attempt.
Surprise surprise. Only the world (US) military can save us by preparing in advance for the next incompetent annihilation visit, after which presumably the aliens will get tired of blowing us up and bugger off for another 70 years.

And what is the preparation? Take a young boy and train him and train him and train him, so that he can save us.

Human sacrifice is back, Mayan style.
Except they're not bashing kids heads in on a hill to appease the gods, they're sending them out into space where we don't have to watch, hear or see, and all we have to do is trust the generals.

Sounds to me like Starship Troopers played straight.

I could be mistaken, but this looks like yet another video nasty which has no place in civilisation save as an educational tool in the study of mass neurosis.

Game over.

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