Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ding Dong, Ring Out The Bells.

Harvard and Stanford say aye!
Does this mean the world is safe again?
Now the Republicrats have recovered from their schizophrenic episode and taped their hive-mind back up their arses, can little Joey run around with his dog and bb gun in the backwoods again, safe from all that ungoverned nature?

Will there be a freshly roasted chicken and a doctor in every dining room?
Will the S&P rise so high that businessmen will ascend to high ledges from the street wearing nothing but galoshes on their feet?

Will the clouds blow away, revealing the bright blue sky of a late October Summer, where unseasonal birds sing sweetly and tears no longer fall?

Yes, yes and oh yes!
When the fake president signs the bill presented by the fake politicians, which enshrines everything we hate, give or take a little trivial tinkering, then all will be well again as the US claims 'no tax rise' and the shrinking chickens are carved up by proud family men all over using Chinese cutlery.
Of course, the real trick is this: the US can borrow a lot more. They are printing money to buy their own bonds. This means that they are burying inflation under cover of a gigantic asset grab.
And that is the nasty secret they hope to prolong for one more year.

Show's over, chaps. Pick up your cans and pizza boxes, make a space for next year's comedy.
Only next year, the pizza ration will be smaller, the beer weaker, it will all cost more, and you will all be getting healthier.

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