Thursday, 16 June 2011


If you've been to college, you will be familiar with the commonplace socialisation efforts of vague types who try to dominate by fait accomplit; by the time you realise that these gobshites have control, it is too late.
If you do challenge them, they will react with impatience, as though you are merely an annoyance or distraction.

Their sole purpose is power, and their psychosis is such that they are actually incapable of believing in anything but their manifest destiny to rule; such frustrations as occur are merely
reasons to encourage them to shrillness.
They shriek in the face of reason.

Facebook started out in a college, as precisely this sort of social grouping. The whole purpose of such groupings is power.

Today, it dupes 400 million users into being used, harvested like organ donors, herded, driven, governed, all under the pretense of individual empowerment, but all for the big score, for the time that they can be sold to the corporate animals that the operators long to reach by the shortest route possible.
Think the Enron of your personalities.

They allow people to grow, for the time-being safe, then at the first time they find convenient they will threaten with complete impunity, to withdraw their permissions(as if they had something you want), wile making it impossible to deal further with them without your legal indemnity.
They started out as punks.
Now they're punks with lawyers.

And the Movementarians themselves have much in common with them when you try to leave.

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