Saturday, 21 May 2011

Reflections at Toni the barber

Judgement day. Today's judgement day. Mind you I'm totaly ignorant when it comes to religion. Willingly so. I wouldn't understand it anyway.

But the idea of judment as something external to the self hasn't got much to do with religion. It has all to do with not wanting to judge.

Judgement is a scary business. We leave that up to others. What if you make a mistake. Or worse still. What if you have a judgement that's not in line with what 'they' say. You'll stand out. And standing out you'll have to face yourself with no other guide than your own mind. Can it be done.

We hand over judgement to another. To a god. To a parent. To the experts.
To our favorite philosopher.

The point being so long as you don't judge you are safe of judgement upon yourself. You have your free ride on morality street.

Or so the idea is.

It doesn't work. The big fear is another. It's fear of your own judgement upon you. Regardless if it's a good or bad one. That's the fun.

But you can't escape yourself. You better be scared as hell if you repress your own judgement. (Yes repress. You still have it and you know) Because you don't want to face your self-judgement in the face of the fact you dishonour your own judgement and thus gave up any chance to achieve independence. And freedom.

There's no escape. If you judge yourself as bad you will stand out. If you judge yourself as good you'll stand out.


The point is you can't survive one day without your capacity to judge. So why not make the best of it.

Like it or not. Judge. And have fun doing so while you're at it.

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