Saturday, 11 September 2010

Why? I'll Tell You Why.

Our leaders(by presumption) call in every law enforcement, legal and publicity instrument every time someone threatens to reply in kind to Islamic terrorism and abuse; yet they do this at a time when the armed forces are fighting wars against the people who represent that hatred against us.

Why on Earth do they do that?

Well, it is simple.
The central principle(and excuse) for all socialist intervention and abuse is this:

The adoption of disinterest as the sole excuse for all their crimes is the big fire curtain protecting their minds from the events of the World Stage, the only thing that allows them to go on doing what they do without realising what they do.

And the central tenet of disinterest demands one thing in particular;
action, but action divorced from morality.

What the socialists do understand, but never let on, is that morality isn't a dead collection of rules written in a book on etiquette, but is a real, dynamic, living feeling invested in the physical nature, the humanity, of Human Beings.

So to maintain the delusion of disinterest, they must at all times act and run contrary to human nature, they must try to neutralise it.

In other words, our armies must not kill Islamist murderers because of righteous hatred.

They must do it for the Islamists own good.

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