Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday Drivers.

I had to go and get fuel for next week; as I attempted to join the main road, a learner car came shooting up at way over the 40 limit.
I gave way and slotted in behind, but not without difficulty, as the guy slowed down sharply.

There was no student. It was the instructor.

For the remainder of the 40 limit, he did 34.
A queue started to form.

Back in the 60 limit, he accelerated, slowly and erratically, to 49. At one stage he nearly swerved into oncoming traffic.

Then we hit a 30 zone, in which he did 28.

Then we were back out on the open road, and I blew him away. Eventually he passed the petrol station where I was filling up.

This joker actually teaches this crap to people and they do it in real life, afterwards.

He should be sacked.

Anyway, on the way back I get the same shit from some people in an Alfa Romeo 2.0 Twin Spark.
Typical sports car being driven pathetically by a total incompetent.

I blew this one off as well on the next clear stretch, and never saw it again.

Why are there so many stupid bastards on the roads?

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