Sunday, 22 August 2010

Iran? So what?

Bush let the genie out of the bottle, and now we have been hitting the bottle for 9 years.

The genie of war.
Rather than put the stopper back in and remember the attitudes of our elders and the hard lessons they learned, we are looking for a new drunk to beat up in the name of 'international law' and 'self defence'.

When Jack-The-Hat McVitie, an East End gangster, repeatedly got stoked on alcohol and threatened to kill the Cray Brothers, back in the early 60's, they killed him.

They were imprisoned for the rest of their natural lives. They died in prison.
Now we have a gangster in Iran shooting off drivel like a drunk who can't help himself, and from all sides I hear people saying we should bomb Iran because they could have a nuclear weapon in a year.

As usual Moronic Media and the think tanks and the retired spooks and generals are jibbering like Turkeys about Iran preparing for war while Rome burns in the West.

Let's face this - in the 50's our parents built enough weapons to render the real evil of the Soviet Union a mere inconvenience, an after thought which the vast majority of people were able to ignore while happily getting on with their lives.

They had courage. They had phlegm. They didn't run about like Chicken Little because a bunch of single-browed towel heads staggered to within 60 years of the present day with joke weapons and tons of Russian help.

They have started to fuel up a single nuclear reactor, with massive aid from Russia. Eventuallly they will be able to build one bomb a year with the enriched fuel, assuming they are capable; they have rockets. These rockets cannot lift first generation bombs any great distance.

They have the 'Ambassador of Death' , a crude UAV that looks like a Nazi glider bomb, but is less effective, as it carries a single, small, Iron Bomb, which will miss it's target and make the UAV (which is slow) appear huge on radar, as well as killing range with drag. I mean come on, it looks like something a three year old drew.

Welcome the Iranian nation to the early fifties. Meanwhile, in the 21st century if we are really worried, we can build the Missile Defence Shield, or just rely on being able to wipe Iran off the face of the Earth if they try something.

All this weak-bladdered knicker-twisting does is make the Iranians believe they're own bullshit.

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