Sunday, 29 August 2010

But Seriously.....

I was named on a patent or two for an invention which used a Piezo-electric sensor to monitor the heart from an implanted valve.
The guy who actually suggested putting a chip on an implant was removed from the (European) patents, but he's still on the American.

The patent owner put together a business plan in which I was personally guaranteed a percentage of the gross. The person he removed was promised a large percentage.

Towards the end the owner mentioned a smaller and smaller percentage for me, and when I mentioned that this was actually the other guy's idea, the guy he wanted to remove completely, I was made redundant within two weeks.

After I left, the creep kept trying to get me to sign further rights away, as if I owed him something. Actually he owed me several thousand pounds.

So I went to an industrial tribunal and got it.

Then he scoured the old 'Society Matters' page for potential leverage via any comments I had made, and tried to threaten Paul McKeever and I with legal action.

I still wouldn't sign his bloody papers. And I sent back his £10 cheque which was supposed to secure the rights to my invention(illegally, as it was the condition for keeping my job, a part of the bargain he had already violated).

I said the rights were disputed and was ignored.

He made arrangements with two tech companies in the UK to exploit the technology.
I found this out with a little counter-stalking.

I wrote to them telling them that as an inventor I was disputing ownership of the technology; the government partner ignored me.
The commercial partner dropped him like a hot brick.

Anyway, this loony liked to do things at Christmas or on my birthday, so he wrote on Christmas saying I was not to mention anything on the internet or write to people ever again or......
he would sue me.

He then demanded that I pay his legal bill.

I told him he was nuts ("the suggestion utterly fantastic") and ignored him.

But you've just got to love the 'sunk my battleship' moment!

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