Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Story So Far.....

Long long ago, in a city far, far away, lived a man who had a lot to say.
He was working for a businessman, name of Alban.

Alban often used to lose his temper with the man, because the man was honest and couldn't see why a real businessman like Alban would wish to keep all things quiet.

One day, another man called Nicholas had an idea an invention was born. The man immediately contributed technology he had been thinking about for four years, thinking that he would be looked after, rather than 'taken care of'.

Promises were made. The man was going to be 'rich and famous'; then he was going to receive 3% of the gross; then 1%.
Then 0.5 %.

Then he was told to sign a piece of paper for £10, or lose his job.

Then he was fired anyway.

He walked away.

Alban came after him, saying that he would take his name off the patents if he didn't sign away further rights.

The man put this on the old 'Society Matters' site. With some opinions about Alban.

Both he and Paul, the site owner, were threatened by Alban with legal action if they didn't stop.

Simon and Paul complied, and Society Matters started to die.

A few months later, Simon was driving a van to pay the rent, when he did a search for Alban's company on the web.

He discovered that the company was selling the ideas to two more partners.
Simon wrote to the partners, explaining that the IPR was disputed.
One of them withdrew.

Alban threatened Simon with legal action, again, and this time made demands with the threats, for legal costs then and there, attempting to twist Simon's arm by quoting remarks he'd made on Society Matters.
Simon wrote back, telling Alban and his solicitor that the suggestion he owed them money was 'utterly fantastic'.

Simon has documents to prove all of this.

Society Matters died.

Now it is reborn.

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